Furnace Installation, Service & Repair

The furnace in your home provides the heating that it needs to generate warm air when you turn on the heat. If you’ve been experiencing frequent malfunctions or other troubles, it could mean that your furnace needs maintenance, repairs, or a replacement.

Here are some common signs in your furnace that you should be looking out for:

  • Carbon monoxide leaks
  • Lack of proper heating
  • External damage on the furnace
  • Frequent switching between the on and off modes
  • Strange noises, such as rumbling or rattling
  • A malfunctioning thermostat
  • Faulty controls
  • Dirty filters
  • The furnace is over 20 years old

Hot Water Tank Installation, Service & Repair

Hot water tanks provide the heated water that flow through your house, coming out of your taps, faucets, and showers. Keeping them well-maintained ensures that your house will never run out of the hot water it needs during the worst times.

Here are a few signs that signal that your hot water tank needs to be looked at:

  • Lack of hot water
  • Discolored, foul smell, or leaking water
  • Strange noises from the tank
  • Physical damage on the tank
  • Low water pressure
  • Pipes that are detached, broken, or misshapen
  • Malfunctioning controls

Boiler Installation, Service & Repair

For older homes, boilers provide heating using a steam or hot water-based solution to provide warmth throughout the house. When it comes to maintenance, making sure that all faults are gone is a must for ensuring continued functionality.

These common signs signal that a boiler needs an expert hand:

  • Leaking water or lack of hot water
  • Leaking steam from the boiler or the pipes
  • Strange noises
  • Unexpected shutdowns
  • Failure to turn on
  • External damage done to the pipes, values, or boiler itself
  • Boiler is over 15 years old

Fireplace Service & Repair

The fireplace serves as both aesthetic and heating in your home. Nothing is as relaxing as sitting by the fire on a cold day. Keeping your fireplace well-maintained is crucial to keeping your home in working order.

These are some common signs that your fireplace is malfunctioning:

  • Pilot light goes out
  • Strange noises upon ignition
  • The fireplace is slow to start up
  • Excessive soot inside the fireplace or in the vents
  • A sulfuric smell
  • You feel sick while close to the fireplace

Gas Appliance Service

Gas appliances cover a sizable portion of systems in your home, including your stoves, dryers, and external heaters. For a solution that combines ease, swiftness, and effectiveness, our skilled technicians are the people of choice. With our expert eye, our goal is to quickly locate the problem in your appliance and provide a fix that not only restores it to full functionality, but reinforces it so that it can continue to run smoothly in the future.

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